Jeanice Barton

Family Law Legal Assistant

Jeanice Barton | Family Law Legal Assistant |

Jeanice Barton is a native of McKinney, Texas. Jeanice has 31 years of experience as a legal assistant with 23 of those years devoted exclusively to family law. She has been Board Certified as a Family Law Legal Assistant by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1998. Throughout Texas, fewer than 110 individuals have achieved this distinction. Jeanice is one of only five such practicing family law legal assistants who work in Collin County. Her experience and professional accomplishments have earned her the respect of attorneys, judges, and most importantly, our clients.

Jeanice’s knowledge and depth of understanding of complex family law issues together with her unique ability to draft legal pleadings, discovery materials, court orders and other complex legal documents is a tremendous asset to our clients. She also possesses a unique ability to relate and empathize with clients and to understand their concerns, thereby alleviating unnecessary stress. She demonstrates genuine compassion and a level of commitment that is unparalleled.

Jeanice Barton works hard but also enjoys extracurricular adventures such as skydiving and showing Scottish Terriers at AKC-sanctioned dog shows.