Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First


Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First

Understanding How Texas Laws on Child Support Will Affect Your Case

In Texas courts, the child support laws often favor the custodial parent and have the non-custodial parent pay child support. The judge will consider how much time a parent spends with the children, then determine the custodial parent and adequate child support from this metric.

In some situations, parents might aim for equal custody, but it is likely that the courts will still rule one parent as the non-custodial parent and request them to pay some amount of support.

Supporting Your Rights as a Parent

At Puhl Law Group, PC, McKinney, TX, attorney Michael Puhl can work to help preserve your father’s rights or mother’s rights. Our team will fight for your right to receive or pay appropriate child support. If the primary custodial parent role is your goal, we can help you make a strong case for your fitness as a parent. We can also help with changes to the custody or support order when family circumstances change.

Child Support Determinations

The Texas courts will look at all your assets when they consider a child support ruling — many of which you may not have considered. These can include:

  • Monthly net income, including tips
  • Side jobs or part-time jobs
  • Commission checks, gifts or prizes
  • Overtime and bonuses
  • Severance pay
  • Retirement and unemployment benefits
  • Changes to employment, benefits or salary
  • Social Security
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Alimony
  • Rent and cost of living
  • Additional assets such as vehicles, property, owning a business or inherited assets

Understand and Resolve Your Child Support Issues

Our team is Board Certified and specializes in family law for Texas residents. We will help fight for your rights if a spouse is purposefully unemployed or underemployed, hiding assets, lying or making any attempts to avoid paying their child support.

Contact our trusted Board Certified specialists today to learn your options for fair child support. Call 972-569-3166 or contact us via our online form to meet with a lawyer who will help fight for your rights.