Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First


Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First

How To Divide Property in a Divorce

Whether you entered your marriage with property or acquire it after the wedding, we have the experience to evaluate these assets accurately and help to determine the character of the property — as community or separate — and how to equitably divide that property in a divorce. Property division can be a complicated task when large estates, foreign properties or multiple homes purchased before and during marriage are involved.

Texas law enforces a community property presumption for any asset that cannot be determined to be yours prior to marriage. Attorney Michael Puhl is available to help you to determine the character of your property ownership, determine its current value and to ensure a division of assets is achieved with your best interests in mind.

Property That You May Have a Right to Keep

Don’t let others question your separate assets in a divorce — we will work to prove ownership and fight for what is rightfully yours. The team at Puhl Law Group, PC, has experience mediating, negotiating, settling out of court and going to trial for property assets.

We can analyze value and classification as separate or marital property for:

  • Property acquired by you before marriage
  • Inheritance received before or after the wedding
  • Money earned since you were married
  • Large purchases purchased with either spouse’s money
  • Vehicles, land, timeshares or financial accounts
  • Furniture, jewelry or antiques
  • Items that have no proof of purchase or ownership

Have Questions About Dividing Assets?

We are here to answer questions about your property and the division of assets during a divorce. Call today at 972-569-3166 to schedule a consultation with a lawyer. Our online form is also available outside of work hours. Our McKinney, TX, team will respond at the earliest opportunity.