We Can Help With Commingled or Hidden Assets in Your High Asset Divorce

If you accumulated a high net worth previous to marriage, you need to take steps to protect your assets and property. We can help you evaluate your total assets and guide you on how Texas courts may regard division of these assets.

Seek a trusted opinion if you or your spouse owns these types of assets or you acquire them after your marriage:

  • Offshore accounts
  • Foreign properties or businesses
  • Assets involving foreign jurisdictions
  • Privately or publicly held companies
  • Stock options or funds
  • Employee benefits or life insurance policies
  • Retirement accounts
  • Trusts
  • Intellectual property

Valuation and Discovery Of Assets in a TX High Asset Divorce

To protect your rights to your finances and property, Puhl Law Group, PC, in McKinney will analyze the value of your assets and determine which assets are your separate properties. Texas law assumes all property is community property until it is proven by clear and convincing evidence to be separate property, but providing evidence of your asset ownership can often be a timely and challenging process. Our experienced lawyer can assist with establishing your asset ownership.

Alternately, if you feel a spouse may be hiding substantial assets acquired during the marriage, we have experience in asset tracing and utilizing financial experts to assist in a case. Don’t let your alimony or property division settlement be less than warranted due to a spouse hiding assets from you.

Find Out Today How Your Assets May Be Affected

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