Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First


Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First

Modifying and Enforcing Court Orders in Texas

The terms of your child custody, visitation, child support and/or spousal alimony are spelled out in your judgment of divorce. These types of legal orders may need altering in the future as circumstances frequently change for one, or both, adults involved.

Modifying Legal Orders

If court orders come under scrutiny or need alterations, our team can represent you in court in mediation or in negotiations. We can fight for you during litigation or an out-of-court settlement. We will always protect your best interests and fight for your parental rights.

When to Seek Help For Changes of Circumstance

You may need to negotiate or petition for a modification to a court order if you or your former spouse experiences significant life changes. Puhl Law Group, PC, in McKinney, TX, can work to optimize these changes when the following situations arise:

  • Job loss or a new job
  • Increase or decrease in income
  • Prison or jail time of either adult
  • Death in the family
  • Military service or deployment
  • Medical or mental issues in either adult
  • Being found unfit to parent
  • Relocation, a new home or loss of a home
  • Remarriage of either adult
  • Supporting stepchildren or new children born to either parent
  • The best interests of the children involved in changes such as switching schools

Enforcement of Court Orders

When your ex-spouse does not meet the terms of your court order or accuses you of not meeting your part, we will work to help you defend or enforce the order. We can help you:

  • Collect child support from a parent
  • Receive the correct or full amount of child support
  • Claim your proper child custody or visitation
  • Investigate child support or alimony use within the terms of the agreement
  • File a motion to return to court
  • Oppose a motion filed against you

An experienced attorney will work to help make these processes straightforward and help protect your parental rights. When your financial, familial or living situations change, contact Puhl Law Group, PC, by phone at 972-569-3166 or via email for a consultation with a lawyer on the alterations or enforcement your court order may require.