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FAQ: What type of cases does the District Court hear?

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I am frequently asked while campaigning for election to the 416th District Court, “What type of cases does the District Court hear?” and “Why is the court important to me?” The fact is that this is a serious court, considering the most serious of trial cases in Texas. Jurisdiction of District Courts in Texas District courts are the primary trial courts in Texas. The 416th District Court is a court of general jurisdiction. District courts generally have the following jurisdiction: original jurisdiction in all criminal cases of the grade of felony and misdemeanors involving official misconduct; cases of divorce, child custody and other domestic relations matters; suits for title to land or enforcement of liens on land; contested elections; suits for slander or defamation; and suits on behalf of the State for penalties, forfeitures and escheat. The district courts also have original jurisdiction in all civil matters involving over $200,000. In addition, district courts have the power to issue writs of habeas corpus, mandamus, injunctions, certiorari, sequestration, attachment, garnishment, and all writs necessary to enforce their jurisdiction. Serious decisions call for a judge with extensive experience, competence, a solid reputation and even temperament. I would appreciate your vote in the runoff election on May 24, 2016. –Michael Puhl Republican for Judge-416th District Court

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