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Surprising Things You Might Gain in a Divorce

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Like a phoenix rises from the ashes, so will you after a divorce. There’s no timetable to the process of a divorce. And it is a process, from the start… I’m thinking about getting a divorce…until all the dust has settled and you are on your way to complete healing. Along this journey you might unveil some surprising facts about yourself: You Can Put Yourself first. For however long you were married you were probably putting someone else first. Part of marriage is looking after others. Whether it was your husband, wife or children, you were always making sure someone else was happy. So much so, you might have forgotten about yourself along the way. Being on you own, you get to make your own decisions and put yourself first for a change. Now instead of just giving emotional support and encouragement to others, you can make sure you are doing that for yourself too. You can make more decisions based on your own needs and wants and that can be very empowering. Want to go to the gym instead of pick up the dry cleaning? What about going for a swim and relax? Go for it! You Don’t Always Have to Compromise. Almost everything about being married is a compromise. From, “Do you want Chinese or Mexican for dinner?” To, “Which movie are we going to see?” Marriage involves constant compromise from both sides. If a marriage isn’t going well, one side may feel they are the one always compromising. After a divorce you are giving the reins to make all of your decisions. At first this can be overwhelming but once you get used to it you will love exercising your new right. Which leads to the next benefit… You Can Be Independent. You might have always relied on someone else to help you with the cooking, changing the light bulbs, taking the car to the shop, etc. Getting a divorce can cause you to become more self-reliant. You might learn things you never thought you could before the divorce. Or you might realize you had the power to do those tasks all along and forgot about it along the way. Though you may experience growing pains in the process in the end self-sufficiency is empowering. You Are In Charge of your Happiness & Peace. At some point it is important to realize that nobody else can make you happy but you. When you are happy with yourself, life is brighter. Chances are if you or your spouse was seeking a divorce you were in some sort of conflict. Now that part is over, so you can have some peace and carve out some happiness. You can choose to look at the bed as half empty or spacious enough for you sprawl and take up the whole thing. Thinking about getting a divorce in North Texas? The Puhl Law Group, PC specializes in family law including divorces, custody, modifications, support issues and estate planning services provided by a Board Certified attorney. Call today for an appointment.

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