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What is the SDU (State Disbursement Unit) and what does it do for me?

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Raising children is difficult. Having the means to provide for them is an important aspect of the job. The Texas Family Code orders that all child support payments must go through the Texas SDU (State Disbursement Unit), and they disperse them. What can the SDU (State Disbursement Unit) do for you? Whether you are receiving the child support or providing child support, the unit can prove beneficial for both parents.The SDU (State Disbursement Unit) is responsible for processing child support payments. SDU (State Disbursement Unit) was established by the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 to help establish a central place where child support payments are processed. This has increased the accuracy of keeping track of payments and custodial parents getting their payments faster and more efficiently. The Texas legislature made it a policy of Texas to enforce child support orders to make sure the children of Texas are cared for. If parents aren’t taking care of their children, then the state of Texas must go through the state welfare programs. In most cases, it is the non-custodial parent that pays child support. Generally, this is the parent the child doesn’t live with and spends less time with. The amount of child support that the non-custodial parent pays depends on several factors, including their income and how many children they support. Wage withholding is written in the divorce decree. This means the SDU collects child support payments directly from the employer.  The wages are taken out of the payor’s paycheck and sent to the SDU (State Disbursement Unit) for payment to the custodial parent. This third party collection helps to alleviate problems between the obligor and obligee in regards to giving or receiving payment. Many people do not work for a company and are self-employed.  Even in this situation, it is still a good idea to go through the SDU to keep a record of payment. The SDU (State Disbursement Unit) offers  many ways for an obligor parent to pay the custodial parent. You can mail a payment, pay at the office, online or by phone. You can pay by cash, credit card or bank draft. Another great benefit of the SDU is it leaves a paper payment trail. That way what was paid and when is clear to both parties to help avoid unnecessary conflict. It is important to retain a family law lawyer that knows how to handle child support issues. A family lawyer can make sure your children receive the financial support they deserve. Puhl Law Group, P.C. has the experience you need. Please call to schedule an appointment today.

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