Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First


Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First

Parenting Coordinator vs Parenting Facilitator. What is the Difference?

Have you experienced co-parenting conflicts and struggles due to poor communication during or after a divorce? If you have you might want to ask your family lawyer about utilizing a parenting coordinator or parenting facilitator. What is the difference in a parenting coordinator vs a parenting facilitator? When families are going through a difficult or contentious divorce sometimes a third party appointed by the court can help them settle their differences over parental arrangements. Sometimes the court will order the help of a parenting coordinator or parenting facilitator. The court would hold a hearing to decide if the case is high-conflict and in need of one, supported by good cause and the best interest of the child. In Texas, parenting coordinators and parenting facilitators are defined as, “An impartial third party appointed by the court, or by mediated agreement, to assist parents in resolving issues relating to parenting and other family issues arising from an order in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship.” Parenting coordinators and facilitators are there to help resolve parenting conflicts. They cannot change a court order. But they can help parents come to a resolution on differences of opinions on raising their kids. For example, they can help parents work out hot-button issues like how much time the kids should be spending on homework. They could help the family come to an agreement on which extracurricular activities the kids should be involved in. And they could help parents agree on who are the approved caretakers of the child and who is not allowed to watch the child.

What is the difference in a parenting coordinator versus a parenting facilitator?

Parenting coordinators and facilitators have basically the same role in working with parents and lawyers, but there is one key difference between the two- confidentiality. Parenting coordination is a confidential process versus parenting facilitation which is not confidential. What does that mean? A coordinator is shielded from testifying in court and a facilitator is not. When you go to choose a coordinator versus a facilitator you want to think about whether you believe your situation might require a court case in the future and testimony directly from someone who worked with your child and family. If you think a parenting coordinator or parenting facilitator might be helpful in your case, please contact the Puhl Law Group PC. It is important to retain a family law lawyer that knows how to handle child support issues. A family lawyer can make sure your children receive the financial support they deserve.