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What reasons may give cause for child support modification?

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Divorce may have been one of the more difficult parts of your life that you have faced so far. Throughout the process, however, your child likely remained your top priority. As a result, you fought for the best child custody and support terms that you could reach during your legal proceedings.

Of course, you may know that the terms that suit your needs and your child’s needs at a particular point in time may not always fit in the future. In particular, the financial circumstances of either parent could face changes that may have one considering whether a modification to child support terms may be warranted. Of course, in order for a modification to be legally binding, the court must approve it.

Duration of modification

It may also interest you to know that even if the court approves a support modification request, the change may not remain permanent. If the circumstances that warranted the change will only last temporarily, the modification may only last for a specified amount of time. Additionally, a temporary modification may also take place if the custodial parent needs extra money for a particular expense, such as braces for a child.

In the event that the change in circumstances proves permanent, the support modification may also remain in place permanently. Of course, the duration and approval of any alteration will depend on the details of your specific case.

Possible reasons for modification

Though you or the other parent may desire child support modifications, changes are not always easy to come by. Some factors that the court may consider when determining whether to approve a change include the following:

  • Job loss or other decrease in income that makes making payments difficult or presents a need for an increase in payments
  • Increased needs of the child resulting in additional expenses for the custodial parent
  • Noncustodial parent receiving a considerable inheritance or increase in income
  • Noncustodial parent remarrying or having additional children that he or she needs to provide for financially

Typically, any change in circumstances needs to be relatively significant.

Seeking modification

If you feel that a change to your current support arrangements may be warranted, you may find it helpful to gain more information on modifications and your specific legal options. Consulting with your legal counsel may give you the ability to gain reliable information suited to your particular case.

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