Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First


Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First

Should you consider mediation for your Texas divorce?

Have you decided to move forward with divorce? If you have made the decision to move forward with this process, you may be wondering what this will mean for your future. From child custody to your financial well-being, you probably have many concerns about what your post-divorce life will look like.

One option for your divorce is mediation. This method of resolving disputes will allow you to have a significant role in what your final divorce order is like. Many Texas couples find that mediation allows them to feel more confident about their future as they have to work together to develop a final order that is mutually beneficial.

Who can choose mediation?

Mediation is not necessarily the best choice in every situation. However, this option does allow two opposing parties to seek a final order that allows for stability and security through a negotiated final agreement. Mediation does not necessarily mean that you and your spouse have to like each other, but both parties will have to commit to the process. If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse can set temporary emotions aside and keep the focus on what is truly best long term, this may be a smart choice for you.

Why choose mediation?

Mediation is a smart choice for many reasons. First, it allows you to avoid the stress of a courtroom battle in a family law court. Other benefits this process can offer you include:

  • It generally takes less time to complete a mediated divorce, which means it costs less.
  • It is less stressful for every member of the family.
  • It allows you to have more of a say over the details of your divorce order.
  • It reduces the chance you will experience additional disputes after the process is final.

A third-party mediator helps you navigate this process, encouraging conversations, offering suggestions and helping you work through difficult issues.

Is it right for you?

Every situation is unique. If you are considering mediation for your divorce, you may want to seek the counsel of a legal professional experienced in Texas divorce laws. An assessment of your case can help you understand whether this will work for you or if you will need to consider other options. Decisions related to your divorce are important, and it is in your interests to be practical and informed as you pursue your desired post-divorce future.