Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First


Resolving Differences By Putting You And Your Family First

Do you have a right to request make-up parenting time?

Your Texas custody order technically determines most of the details about your relationship with your children. From when you get to see them to how much support you receive or pay, the Texas family courts determine those responsibilities based on your family’s circumstances and what a judge feels would be in the best interest of your children.

The law assumes that having both parents present and actively involved in a child’s life is the best possible arrangement for the family, barring any serious issues like drug addiction or child abuse. You and the other parent will typically share both parenting time and the right to make choices about your children’s lives.

Once you are subject to a custody order, both you and your ex should do your best to abide by the terms that you are the judge set for your family. However, sometimes situations change. Maybe you are sick, or maybe one of the children is sick. If you have to change your schedule with your children, do you have the right to request makeup parenting time?

The circumstances largely determine your rights

In theory, a Texas parent denied time with their child could ask to make up that time later. If you have scheduled visitation on a Wednesday evening and your child has a dentist appointment during that time and can’t see you, you could potentially ask to make up that time later.

However, if you cancel the time with your child because you are busy or sick, the other parent doesn’t necessarily have to give up some of their parenting time to allow you to make up for the time that you missed.

What if your ex won’t let you make up the time?

If the other parent cancels your time with the children, especially if they do so frequently, you may need to go back to family court. If you can’t get makeup time through direct communication, then you may need to ask a judge to order makeup parenting time so that you can maintain your relationship with your children.

Understanding your rights as a parent who wants to see their children as much as possible can help you navigate child custody disputes as they arise.