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Creative Possession Schedules

Different careers and parenting styles might call for a Creative Possession Schedule for a divorced family. If a parent travels a lot for work, for example, as a pilot, it may not be appropriate to follow a Standard Possession Order. What if mom is a doctor and is on...

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What is Dissipation of Assets?

Understanding Dissipation of Assets and How to Protect Yourself Dissipation of assets is defined by the Black's Law Dictionary as, "The use of an asset for an illegal or inequitable purpose, such as a spouse's use of community property for personal benefit when a...

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3 Benefits of Effective Co-Parenting

Benefits of Co-Parenting After Divorce Co-parenting is a term used to describe parents that are divorced or separated but work together, hopefully amicably, to raise their child or children. The goal, though not always easy, is to share responsibility for raising the...

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How to Tell the Kids About the Divorce

"Pass the peas, please. Oh, by the way, your mom (dad) and I are getting a divorce." There is no easy way to break the news to children of parents getting a divorce. Though it is never easy, it is right to tell the kids about the divorce as soon as the decision is...

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